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31 Real estate portals
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Today, most buyers and renters search for properties online, across various real estate portals.
Publishing your listing on multiple real estate portals is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes not possible without an agent.
Use and avoid paying high agent commissions for publishing your listing!

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With our Free Plan, your ad will be published on these 16 portals:

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€ 95/mo
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31 Real estate portals
+100 Million daily visitors
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Our Premium Plan includes all the portals from the Free Plan plus additional ones, totaling 30 portals:

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Additional Services

We offer additional services for a small separate fee to ensure that you have all the skills and tools necessary for a smooth and successful transaction.

To use these services, create an account on and start listing your property. You have the option to request specific services during the listing process or through the Additional Services menu.

Upon requesting a service, you will be provided with a detailed quote. The service order is finalized once you approve the quote and complete the payment.
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Professional Photos

Enhance your listing with professional photos to sell faster and potentially at a higher price.
  • Crucial Role in Real Estate: Professional photos significantly influence both the speed of a sale and the final selling price.
  • Showcasing Property Features: High-quality images highlight your property's best features, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.
  • Accurate Representation: These images provide a realistic view of your property, reducing surprises during showings.
  • Expert Photography: Our skilled photographers are experts at making your property look its best.
  • Impact on Sales: Professional photos create a strong first impression, often leading to quicker sales and the potential for higher prices.
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Price consultation

Optimize your property’s value with expert price consultation, attracting buyers and minimizing market time.

Setting the right price for your property is critical for attracting potential buyers and minimizing the time it spends on the market.

Overpricing can deter interested parties from even considering your property, while underpricing means you could lose out on potential earnings.

Correctly priced properties not only enhance your credibility but also maximize the property's value.

Our specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of market trends, recent sales, and comparable listings to provide expert advice on your pricing strategy. They will recommend the most effective listing price, balancing market expectations and your property’s worth, while providing insights into the achievable market price.

This balanced approach is essential for a successful and efficient real estate transaction, ensuring your property is priced accurately to sell.

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Keyholder service

Ensure convenient, secure, and professional property showings with our Keyholder Service, enhancing buyer experience and facilitating smoother transactions.

When it's impractical or inconvenient to show your property personally, especially if you live abroad or have other commitments, our Keyholder Service becomes invaluable. It's also strategically beneficial at times for owners to keep a distance during showings. This service provides a multitude of advantages including enhanced security, professional representation, an improved experience for potential buyers, and effective time management. Our Keyholder Service offers peace of mind, simplifies the property showing process, ensures secure access, and contributes to a more efficient and smoother sales or rental experience. Trust our professionals to represent your property in the best light, making every viewing count.

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Deal closing assistance

Secure a smooth transaction with our Deal Closing Assistance, featuring expert negotiation and legal support.

Professional assistance during the closing phase of a real estate transaction is invaluable. It brings essential negotiation skills, thorough document review, risk mitigation, and overall peace of mind. Our experienced real estate lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to support you throughout the closing process. They ensure a smooth and successful transaction, while vigilantly protecting your interests. This service is critical in maximizing the outcome of your deal, offering legal prowess and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of real estate closing effectively.

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Energy certificate

Comply with Spanish law by obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, essential for selling or renting.

In Spain, having an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a legal requirement for property owners looking to sell or rent. This certificate assesses the energy efficiency of a property, with ratings ranging from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). As a property owner, it's your responsibility to provide this certificate to potential buyers or tenants. An EPC not only complies with legal obligations but also informs prospective buyers or renters about the energy efficiency of the property, which can be a deciding factor in their decision-making process. Our service assists you in obtaining an EPC, ensuring that your property meets all regulatory requirements and providing you with the necessary documentation to facilitate your real estate transaction.

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Virtual staging

Transform your property's appeal with Virtual Staging, creating inviting, digitally-enhanced spaces that attract more buyers and facilitate sales.

Virtual home staging photos offer an innovative and effective way to showcase your property's potential. By digitally transforming empty or outdated spaces into visually appealing and inviting environments, virtual staging helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. This method involves digital renovation and the addition of furniture, decor, and other aesthetic elements, presenting your property in the most attractive light possible. As a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional physical staging, virtual staging is particularly useful in today's digital-first real estate market. It not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also increases its marketability. By attracting more buyers and creating a compelling visual narrative, virtual staging significantly increases the likelihood of a successful sale, making it an essential tool in modern real estate marketing.

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For sale/rent sign

Enhance local visibility with our "For Sale/Rent" signs, a cost-effective way to attract buyers and generate leads.

'For Sale/Rent' signs remain a classic yet highly effective marketing tool in real estate. They offer a direct and cost-effective method to capture the attention of potential buyers, especially those actively scouting for properties in your area. The visibility of these signs not only attracts immediate interest but also facilitates word-of-mouth marketing. Passersby who notice your sign may inform friends or acquaintances who are in the market for a property, thereby increasing your chances of finding a buyer or renter. In a world where digital marketing is prevalent, these signs provide a tangible and local touchpoint, reinforcing your online efforts and ensuring your property stands out in the physical world. Utilizing 'For Sale/Rent' signs can significantly broaden your reach, tapping into local networks and communities, and ultimately contributing to a successful property transaction.

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Property registry data "Nota Simple"

Secure your transaction with our service to obtain the "Nota Simple" an essential legal document detailing your property's status.

The "Nota Simple" is an official document required under Spanish law for properties listed on our platform. It plays a crucial role in providing a comprehensive overview of a property, including ownership details and any encumbrances or charges. This document is pivotal for verifying a property’s legal status and specifics, ensuring transparency and clarity in property transactions.

Our service simplifies the process of acquiring the "Nota Simple" on your behalf. By using our service, you can be assured of the legal soundness of your property, safeguarding your interests. The "Nota Simple" not only fulfills a legal requirement but also instills confidence in both sellers and buyers, streamlining the real estate transaction process. In essence, it is a valuable tool that contributes significantly to the smooth execution and integrity of property dealings.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to get started?

Getting started with is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Visit and create your account.
  2. Insert Listing Information: Log in to your account and provide the details of your listing. During this process, you can also choose to add extra services like professional photos or description copywriting.
    Please note: For specific services requiring further customization or clarification, we may need to contact you within 24 hours to provide more information and prepare a personalized quote.
  3. Choose Your Plan:
    • Free Plan: This plan is free forever and publishes your ad on 17 real estate portals, reaching over 3 million daily visitors. Ideal for those exploring the market without urgency to sell.
    • Premium Plan: Priced at €95/month, billed monthly. Suited for serious sellers aiming for a quick sale with maximum exposure, it publishes your ad on 31 real estate portals, reaching more than 100 million daily visitors. Payment is required at this step for the Premium Plan.
  4. Publication of Your Listing: After selecting your plan and completing payment for the Premium Plan, your listing will be published on the respective portals within 24 hours or less.
Where do we advertise?

We publish your listing on a wide selection of portals to ensure it gets the visibility it deserves.

With our Free Plan, your ad will be published on these 17 portals:

Our Premium Plan includes all the portals from the Free Plan plus additional ones, totaling 31 portals:

In addition to these real estate portals, for both plans, we leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to further increase your property's exposure.

How do viewings work?

At, we believe that you, the owner, are best equipped to showcase your property, given your personal knowledge and connection to it. Ideally, you conducting the viewing allows you to share valuable insights and answer specific queries that potential buyers or renters might have.

However, if showing your property is not practical, perhaps due to living abroad, busy schedules, or a preference for privacy, we provide an alternative solution: our Keyholder Service. This service is designed to assist when you cannot conduct viewings yourself.

Keyholder Service Overview:
Our Keyholder Service offers several advantages for when you're unable to be present:

  • Professional Showings: We provide secure and professional showings, ensuring that your property is presented in the best light.
  • Security and Peace of Mind: The service includes enhanced security measures for your property during viewings.
  • Convenience: It's ideal for owners who have other commitments or prefer not to conduct the showings themselves.
  • Efficiency: Our experts save you time by managing viewings and the scheduling process.

    By utilizing our Keyholder Service, you can be assured that your property will continue to be presented to potential buyers or renters in the best possible manner.
What happens if I do not sell/let my property?

If your property does not sell or get rented as quickly as you had hoped, you can continue to list it without any disruptions. For those on our Free Plan, this service is provided at no additional cost. Your listing will remain active on our portals and you can extend the listing period easily through our website.

For clients on our Premium Plan, a monthly fee of 95 EUR will be automatically charged to your credit card for each subsequent month until you decide to cancel. This ensures that your property ads continue to be published on all our partner portals without any need for manual renewal from your side.

If your property is not attracting the desired attention, you might consider enhancing your listing. Services like professional photography or price consultation can improve the appeal of your listing. We recommend that you regularly check and adjust your asking price in accordance with current market values, which can be compared with similar properties on various real estate portals. These steps can increase the attractiveness of your property to potential buyers or renters.

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Your property will be showcased on major Spanish real estate portals and top international sites for Spanish properties, reaching over 100 million daily visitors.
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