Sell or rent without agent commissions! has a simple and intuitive way to create your property listing.

We also offer different additional services you might need, like professional photos, price consultation, property description copywriting, translation to chosen languages, keyholder service, deal closing assistance and many more.

You create your ad and make changes just in one place, no need to spend time on inserting data to different portals and paying their fees.

Your listing will be published on more than 20 TOP Spanish and international portals like

… and in many more.

We advertise it also on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Clients will contact you directly and in case you can’t be reached in the moment we make sure you will receive their contact information. Or if you prefer more privacy you can advertise with our virtual number.

You can also use agent network for half of the usual costs. We contact for a small fee all the most capable agents (and we know who they are) and in case they find a client you need to pay just the buyer’s agent commission, saving half of the agent fees.

30 days

See how much you save with us!

Simple one-time fee instead of usual 5% broker commission

Savings have been calculated assuming you are able to sell your real estate in 30 days.

  1. You will insert your listing to
  2. We will advertise your listing in all major real estate portals, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Customers will call you and you have the opportunity to show them your property yourself.
  4. We will help you in every stage of the process where you need it.

If you value privacy you don't have to publish your phone number with the listing. In that case clients will call our number input the listing ID and the system will automatically redirect the call to you.

Additional services we offer

Professional photos

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Price consultation

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Property description copywriting

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Translation to chosen languages

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Keyholder service

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Deal closing assistance

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Virtual phone number

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Agent network

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Facebook advertising campaign

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Secretary service / call preselection

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Your listing will be added to major Spanish and international real estate portals that are visited by ... people daily